Sahara Presentation Systems Plc

Sahara Presentation Systems Case Study

About Sahara Presentation Systems Plc

Sahara Presentation Systems Plc is a trade only distributor and manufacturer of Audio Visual (AV) products, including major brands as well as own brand audio solutions, mounting products and more traditional presentation products, including rail systems, dry wipe boards and notice boards.

Background Packaging Issues.

Sahara Presentation Systems experienced high levels of damage to expensive, state of the art, touch boards during transit through their national carrier network. This wasn’t just proving costly in terms of scrap cost but was damaging their reputation with their customers.

Our Analysis

Our design team at StorePAK Corrugated identified new designs would be required to adequately protect a range of heavy, large and delicate products. The new designs had to ensure pack integrity was maintained throughout transportation. Unique end caps were developed to suspend the units within the outer packaging. This allowed the touch boards to be suspended within the pack to minimise drop damage. Heavy duty performance grade materials were specified for the outer carton to increase burst strength, preventing piercing from sharp objects.

The End Result

To make sure the new designs and higher grade performance materials would meet the required standard, prototypes were produced and submitted for testing. After careful transit performance testing was taken into account, Sahara Presentation Systems approved the new packs, which went into production immediately. To date, the new range of cartons and internal end caps have completely eradicated transit damage, saving a huge amount of money whilst protecting Sahara Presentation Systems well-earned reputation.