Why choose StorePAK Corrugated?

We listen

From the minute you first contact StorePAK Corrugated, we listen to you. We want to understand your business, your challenges and more importantly, how we can help and assist your company.

StorePAK Expertise

Our team is made up of some of the most experienced, knowledgeable corrugated packaging professionals in the UK. StorePAK Corrugated place great emphasis on helping businesses find great solutions within their supply chain. This ethos runs from our Board of Directors, right through the entire organisation and has helped us assemble a fantastic group of individuals who take a real pride in their work. Those fantastic individuals combined together possess an enviable level of team spirit and are here solely to help you.

We Design and Innovate

The major strength which sets us apart from our competitors is our award winning design team. For every problem there is a solution, but how we reach that solution sets us apart. Our design team like to show off, to be better than their peers and to create innovative corrugated packaging solutions that deliver real value. Operational value through innovative design isn’t uncommon, nor are financial savings through the introduction of unique high performance board grades. Or maybe the true value is delivered through rationalising the range of cartons you purchase. Whichever way we can strengthen your supply chain, rest assured we have the designers in place to show them to you.

We Invest in Plant, We invest in People

StorePAK Corrugated continuously invest in the latest plant and machinery to manufacture quality bespoke corrugated cartons. Balancing environmental concerns against economic output, we’ve invested heavily into state of the art equipment. Our capabilities cover regular corrugated case production through to five colour printed retail ready packaging, flatbed, rotary die cuts and multi point glue work. Most importantly, we invest in our people. We train, we nurture and we actively develop our team so we can go the extra mile to partner your business.

We Stock and Serve

Unusually, not only do we manufacture corrugated cartons and corrugated packaging, but we “stock and serve” too. Can you afford to run out of mission critical packaging? Are you short of warehouse space? Or do you just wish to introduce lower stock levels to improve your cash flow? “Stock and Serve” means we provide an industry leading JIT (just in time) delivery service to suit your business and maximise your output.

We’re only here because of you

To summarise, our business has been built through the commitment of our loyal customers who benefit from the value of partnering with us. StorePAK Corrugated are so much more than just a corrugated carton manufacturer. We’ve become an intrinsic part of our customers supply chain by listening, by offering innovative design solutions, by investing and by daring to be different.

We can…

It’s not all about us. What does our offering mean to your business? We can:

  • Add value to your supply chain
  • Improve and increase your productivity
  • Save you time and save you money
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Realise hidden operational savings
  • Dramatically reduce damaged goods during transit

To find out more how much value we can add to your business, feel free to review some of our recent case studies here, or talk to one of our team today. StorePAK Corrugated – “Protection by Design”.