The Jewellery Channel


About The Jewellery Channel Ltd

The Jewellery Channel is a home shopping television channel and online retailer specialising in the sale of jewellery and gemstones. The Jewellery Channel is part of the VGL group and the company mines and handcrafts many of the products sold through its TV networks.

Background Packaging Issues

The Jewellery Channel wanted to improve the packaging they were using to dispatch customer’s orders through the UK mail network. They wanted to move to postal boxes, not envelopes, that they could send in the most economical way via “large letter” post. This meant that we were limited to a maximum external pack size of 25mm thick and the customer was looking for two box sizes to fulfil their requirements to pack and despatch small orders. In addition, we had to consider that the customer was sending valuable products through the UK mail network and we needed to ensure that the packaging was as discreet and pilfer-proof as possible on the outside whilst still being able to promote the Jewellery Channel brand.

Our Analysis

Our experienced sales & design team at StorePAK Corrugated analysed the customer’s brief and proposed a cost-effective design solution for two box sizes to fulfil the, The Jewellery Channel’s small order range. We proposed to use E-flute rather than the more conventional B-Flute, which ensured that we could maximise the internal pack size for the customer whilst meeting the restrictions of 25mm maximum thickness for the “large letter” post. We also proposed using a plain white outer liner for the boxes so that the packs looked clean and presentable through the postal system whilst maintaining the necessary discretion, without raising any suggestion as to the valuable contents. We proposed a white inner liner printed with solid coverage of the customer’s purple branded colour, with white relief text to promote the TJC brand.


To make sure that our design solutions met with the customer’s brief, we provided prototype samples for testing and artwork for the print design for final approval. These first two box sizes have now been produced and the customer is very pleased with the outcome. We are now working on an additional box size/design style to the maximum possible size for “large letter” post and we have also been asked to develop a range of boxes for “packet” post.