Wurth Group

Storepak Corrugated case study for Wurth Group UK

About Wurth Group

The Würth Group’s core business is the global supply of fixing and assembly materials through an international network of companies. In the UK, Wurth Group operates six clearly defined and targeted divisions. These are Automotive, Cargo, Metal, Solar, Wood and Construction.

Background Packaging Issues.

They stock and distribute over 100,000 different products. To service increased demand for their products, Wurth Group introduced a new extension to their incredibly busy pick and pack conveyor and introduced new heavier products into their range. Unfortunately, the new products caused the existing cartons to crush and burst on the conveyor.

Our Analysis

Our design team at StorePAK Corrugated quickly recognised higher performance grade materials would be required, so recommended several combinations of flutes and liners to eradicate the problem. However, as the end crushing and bursting was occurring on a live conveyor, StorePAK Corrugated designed and quickly manufactured a temporary internal fitting for the existing cartons. This dramatically reduced the immediate impact on Wurth Group Productivity and ensured minimal wastage ensued.

The End Result

To make sure the new performance grade flutes and liners would meet the required standard, prototypes were produced and submitted for testing. After careful cost and performance considerations were taken into account, Wurth Group chose the best combination for their business and new corrugated cartons went into production immediately. To date, the new range of cartons has delivered 100% perfection.