5 advantages of using corrugated cardboard cartons as a storage solution

16 May 2017

6816272333_8ae8c580a6_bIf your warehousing, archiving or shipping storage solutions tend to involve plastic boxes and wooden crates, you might want to look again at corrugated cardboard cartons. There’s no one-stop solution for every conceivable storage need but corrugated cartons come pretty close.

Here are some of the advantages of switching to corrugated cardboard solutions:

1. Protection

Corrugation uses fluted ridges of arched sheets sandwiched between flat liner boards. It’s a simple but ingenious solution that has been used for well over a century but modern design and production methods mean today’s cartons are surprisingly strong and durable. The corrugation also provides cushioning, protecting the contents from collisions and knocks that could easily jar with a more rigid material. The outer sheets can be treated to make the cartons more water-resistant and even flame-resistant.

2. Weight

They might be strong but corrugated cartons are also comparatively lightweight. This makes them easier and more convenient to handle and lowers the overall weight of goods for shipping or storage. The containers themselves can generally be folded away to take up less space when they are not actually in use.

3. Eco-friendliness

Cardboard corrugated cartons are usually 100% recyclable, which makes them an eco-friendly solution. Most of us want to do our bit for the environment but flagging up your green credentials can play well with customers too, which never hurts.

4. Customisation

Corrugated cardboard cartons can be easily adjusted in overall volume, individual dimensions and thickness to suit your packaging or storage needs. They’re also much easier to customise in terms of colouring or printing to display your logo or otherwise match the visual themes of your branding.

5. Cost

Today’s corrugated cardboard is designed and constructed to exacting standards but it’s also incredibly cost effective compared to other types of packaging.