Agile and lean businesses: Packaging matters

16 May 2017

3910002688_a5a90e702e_bOne-third of the UK’s businesses are based in London and the South East. New small and medium-sized enterprises are launched in the region every day.

Rapidly advancing technology and the Internet of Things means it’s easier than ever before to start a business working from home, or in the other location where space is tight. This means that SMEs are becoming less traditional in their business premise, and more focused on being lean and agile.

Many of these businesses – especially new start-ups – have one thing in common: the challenges of getting their goods safely into the hands of customers. Retailers, in particular, are having to respond to individual requests and send out increasing numbers of home deliveries.

The pressure on businesses to have delivery down to a fine art has never been greater.

Delivery obstacles

Every year in the UK thousands of tonnes of perishable goods is scrapped because of delivery delays and problems.

Immeasurable amounts of non-perishable goods are damaged or even lost in transit. This can be costly in terms of cash and staff and production time.

Also, failing to deliver goods on time, and undamaged can mean hard-won reputations are dented. This can lead to lost contracts and orders. Modern day consumers – who are increasingly buyer-savvy – are particularly unforgiving if the items they sent for don’t arrive 100% perfect, 100% of the time.

Yet the most up to date figures available suggest that around 1 in 10 eCommerce parcels arrive damaged. Clearly not always the fault of how they are packaged, but also an issue that needs be the focus of business improvement.

Asset management – keeping goods safe

The solution to some delivery issues is how goods are packaged for onward distribution. Get the packaging right, and the products have a better chance of surviving intact.

“Asset management” technology is becoming very sophisticated. Larger companies use sensors in loads – even right down to individual boxes – and within vehicles. These not only identify what’s inside the box, but also track its location with pinpoint accuracy, and even its condition (such as temperature control).

Yet alongside all this amazing technology to support a safe transition of goods, firms (large and small) still need well-made, reliable corrugated cardboard to surround their goods, to keep costs down and maintain product integrity.

Having corrugated cartons specifically produced to fit the size of loads, means goods have an even better chance of arriving undamaged.

If your goods are odd shapes, particularly bulky, heavy or even fragile, then expert help is vital. Investing in bespoke packaging solutions could go a long way to avoiding the cost and hassle of constant returns.

Making delivery and packaging lean

New businesses, in particular, need to employ agile, lean working systems. It means that they need to operate from buildings where every square foot of space is productive. And wastage of any kind must be eliminated.

Pressure to optimise packaging and delivery systems is particularly important in the UK’s growing army of home-based businesses. The nation’s garages, gardens and living rooms are being turned over to eCommerce enterprises. This leaves many entrepreneurs looking for space saving solutions.

Smart solutions for packaging needs

At one time, the instinct of many purchasing managers or business owner-managers was to buy in bulk to save money. Now the trend is to use supply chains that release items only when needed. This minimises storage issues and the cash tied up in unused stock.

Corrugated cartons are a brilliant way to ensure goods reach their destination intact, but they can be bulky to store. The smart solution is to work with a responsive and versatile packaging manufacturer, who can supply what you need, only when you need it.

For small home-based businesses, in particular, this arrangement could be a godsend.

The answer to delivery dilemmas

StorePAK Corrugated works with clients throughout London and the South East to save money, without cutting corners and always focusing on providing the best chance of goods arriving undamaged.

Clients are supplied with the cartons they need, only when they need them. Each client receives expert help in designing packaging suitable for their products and any delivery challenges.

Lean, agile and bespoke to each client.

To find out more on how StorePAK Corrugated offers “Protection By Design”, contact us today.