Five ways corrugated cardboard is an eco-friendly solution for cartons and packaging products

21 Apr 2017

corrugated cardboardIf you’re looking for the perfect storage box or packaging solution, you’ve likely considered the environmental aspects. We’ve got great news for you – corrugated cardboard is the environmentally friendly solution for your carton packaging needs.

1. Corrugated packaging is created from renewable materials

The majority of corrugated cardboard packaging and cartons are created from the pulp of birch or pine trees, very often with a high percentage of content already being recycled. These trees are (generally speaking) fast and easy to grow in a lot of environments, compared to hardwood trees. This means the trees used to create corrugated cardboard packaging and corrugated cartons can be safely harvested from properly managed, sustainable forests. This is great news for the environment.

2. Corrugated packaging can be recycled

In addition to the fact that some corrugated cardboard is crafted from 100% recycled materials, the cardboard itself is entirely recyclable. The ripple effect of recycling reduces the resources and energy required to make materials.

Even where corrugated cardboard isn’t recycled, it’s biodegradable, making it easily and safely disposed of. Another bonus for the environment, sustainable living, and our carbon footprints.

3. Corrugated packaging can be reused

A lot of corrugated cardboard boxes and corrugated cartons have flexible corners, ensuring they can be collapsed and reused again and again. Reusing your boxes will save you money, and is far more environmentally friendly than disposing of boxes after a single use.

4. Corrugated packaging can be created energy-efficiently

Due to the high percentage of recycled components in corrugated cardboard, the energy needed to make it is very low. Corrugated cardboard can be created from local materials, ensuring the associated transportation costs are also minimal.

5. Corrugated packaging is efficient product protection

When it comes to recycling packaging, it’s always better to avoid producing it in the first place than it is to try and dispose of it. The innovative designs of corrugated packaging boxes and cartons ensure that extraneous materials can be eliminated. Innovations like retail-ready packaging (RRP) are the perfect example. RRP eliminates whole sections of packaging traditionally found in boxes and cartons, and also enables thinner walls, meaning there’s less to produce, and less to dispose of.

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